Wild Wings

A unique Sherman Oaks shop, complete with live butterflies, is a haven for nature lovers.

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    Linda Grasso

When it comes to yards, most of us want the same things—a lush lawn, pristine plantings and mature trees. But for many homeowners, that equation is incomplete without wild birds. “There are a huge number of bird enthusiasts in the U.S.,” explains Scott Logan. “In fact, birding is almost as popular as gardening!” his partner, Bonnie McFarlin, quips. And that’s where their store Wild Wings comes in.

The charming, multi-room space, which occupies a former home, stocks items for attracting birds—everything from an eclectic array of feeders to premium, fresh feed. “Birds like to eat our feed because it has high oil content. If you put it out, you will definitely see a variety of birds,” says Logan. Wild Wings also sells items for those who enjoy the outdoors, like wind chimes, gardening books and dahlia-adorned candles. What’s perhaps most dazzling, though, is the live butterfly habitat. Enclosed in a glass compartment about the size of a walk-in closet, it’s fully stocked with a hypnotizing collection of colorful butterflies. “We keep only natives here. Kids can come in and see the chrysalises in various stages of development,” Scott says.

There’s also a children’s section filled with nature-oriented books and toys, many of which are made with recycled materials. Visitors can sit down and flip through a book in the reading area, which is anchored by a fireplace. Scott and Bonnie previously worked together in graphic design and then decidedly switched careers to focus on their joint passion. “We’re both nature lovers and we wanted to do something that gives back to the community. We feel Wild Wings does that,” Scott sums it up.