Best Burrito

The Valley’s most raved about burritos are put to the ultimate test.

We took four of the tastiest tortilla-wrapped concoctions and put them in front of a group of always-ravenous Valley boys. The guys met while attending Notre Dame High School. Now in college, they still enjoy fanning the flames of their friendship over just about any kind of burrito. The fierce competition ended in a tie with accolades going to both Salsa & Beer and Las Fuentes.



The Judges:

Charley Koones, Univ. of Colorado;
Devon Cadiz, Univ. of Arizona;
Bryce Hammond, Univ. of Colorado;
Brody Lluis, Univ. of Arizona


Salsa & Beer – Winner!  _winner

Regardless of the time of day, you’ll see crowds at this eatery. Their Spicy Green Burrito ($9), packed with chicken, cheese, pico de gallo and topped with a vibrant homemade sauce, more cheese and sour cream, is a crowd-pleaser.

6740 White Oak Ave., Lake Balboa

DC: Wow! Perfectly moist and nicely seasoned. Every bite is creamy!
BH:  Good presentation. I couldn’t wait to dive into it! Great mix of flavors and love the sauce.
CK: Spicy and delicious—and enough for two!
BL: The perfect amount of sauce; wish it had a bit more chicken in it, though.
Score: 8.5


Las Fuentes – Winner!  _winner

The Burrito Asada Gringo Style (“wet”), at $9.50, blew away our panel. After tasting all the burritos (when you’d think they’d be full), the boys actually asked if there was any more of this one.

18415 Vanowen Street, Reseda

DC: Tasty meat and cheese combo; wish it had more spice, though.
BH: I love how chewy the meat is. Great flavor and presentation. My mouth started watering as soon as I saw it!
CK: Meat could have been more tender. But messy and cheesy—the way I like it!
BL: Well put together, tasty meat and lots of flavor. Fantastic.
Score: 8.5


Cactus Taqueria

We opted for the highly-touted Burrito al Pastor served “dry” (rumored to be juicy enough to forgo sauce) for $8.

4378 Woodman Ave., Sherman Oaks

DC: The pork meat was flavorful but overall this burrito is a little bland.
BH: Juicy meat. Wish there was a bit less red sauce inside the burrito. It takes away from the flavor.
CK: The pastor is fantastic. Average looking overall.
BL: Meat is amazing. Too much cilantro though for my taste.
Score: 7


Sol Y Luna

The Burrito de Camaron ($11.25) was our choice here. It is stuffed with grilled shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, cheese and topped with Ranchera sauce and melted cheese.

19601 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana

DC: Moist and doughy. Spicy sauce on top of this makes it.
BH:  Nice, soft, doughy tortilla but the shrimp flavor is overpowering. I can’t taste any Mexican spices. Why have a burrito?
CK: I don’t love it. Only order if you love shrimp.
BL: Too many beans and the beans were overcooked. It underwhelms me in terms of size.
Score: 6.8