Bridges Academy

3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Studio City

Bridges Academy is a college preparatory school for grades 5–12 with an enrollment of 145. Bridges is dedicated to educating twice-exceptional or “2e” students—gifted students who also have learning differences. The school’s small class sizes, low student-teacher ratio and the many opportunities for project and problem based learning, allow faculty and staff to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of each individual. With close support from the faculty, students are encouraged to deeply pursue their specialized interests, such as sustainability, music performance, creative writing, mythology, video game design and computer programming.

“Many students come to Bridges defined by their challenges, but graduate defined by the strength of their exceptionality.”

What would you like kids and parents to know about your school?

“At Bridges, we recognize that the cognitive, psychological and physical needs of twice-exceptional students are often profoundly different from those of their neuro-typical peers. Bridges students thrive academically and socially through small classes and differentiated instruction, in an environment in which gifts are recognized and developed, and learning differences are accepted. Many students come to Bridges feeling defined by their challenges, but they graduate defined by the strength of their exceptionality.”

What are the most important skills for people who want to work successfully with children?

“Patience, the ability to cultivate a trusting and mutually respectful relationship, and a sense of humor. Our faculty and staff are comprised of highly intelligent and patient professionals who perceive the students as talented young people with great potential.”

Tell us about your team.

“Our teachers, parents, educational therapist and psychologist pride themselves on being a team comprised of opportunity-makers, role models and champions for our exceptional students and their exceptional futures. In fact, each individual student has a team that works together to specifically tailor the curriculum and address special needs. That team forms a highly interactive relationship with the student and works constantly to discover, uncover and offer opportunities for specialized enrichment.”

What benefits do children gain from the services your school provides?

“Confidence, independence, security, an environment in which they can feel free and supported to become who they are. And, of course, the practical opportunity to pursue the unique talents of their unique minds.”

What do kids love most about your school?

“That it’s an environment where they feel accepted, understood and appreciated by their teachers and peers.”