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Shared Tip

Back pain/sciatica is one of the top reasons people end up in the ER or their doctor’s office. Back pain can be debilitating, life-changing, mood-altering and affect everything from work and family life to sex life. Most people don’t realize that the most immediate and effective relief can often be obtained by visiting an interventional pain specialist. Surgery is rarely “needed,” and often patients are helped with minimally invasive, non-surgical techniques. You don’t have to suffer.


One of the most exciting advances in interventional pain management has been the evolution of a device called a spinal cord stimulator (SCS). SCS is a technology akin to a pacemaker for pain in patients who suffer from back pain and sciatica when other treatment options—including surgery—have failed. Dr. Glaser has implanted hundreds of SCS devices, allowing patients to live lives either free of pain or with greatly reduced levels of pain.

Practice Specialty

Interventional pain management is the state-of-the-art medical specialty dedicated to treating patients with minimally invasive and non-surgical solutions to conditions such as herniated/bulging discs, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, arthritis of the back and other conditions of the spine that cause symptoms such as back pain and sciatica. Dr. Glaser has helped thousands of patients with back pain and sciatica without surgery.

“Dr. Glaser has helped thousands of patients with back pain and sciatica without surgery.”


Please give a brief description of your practice.

“My practice is committed to the diagnosis and ultimately non-surgical treatment of disorders causing pain. There are so many minimally invasive treatments available for these diagnoses today that patients rarely need surgery to alleviate their pain.”

Tell us about your background.

“I am a dual board-certified pain management physician, and I’ve been in private practice for 16 years. I have received many professional awards and accolades, and I am asked to speak at events for some of health care’s most advanced and innovative companies.”

How do you work with other health care professionals to care for your patients?

“One of the most important elements of providing outstanding care to a patient is to not work as a ‘lone ranger’ but rather engage other physicians and health care professionals involved in a patients’ treatment. I often will call a patient’s referring or primary physician to collaborate care. This approach leads to the safest and most comprehensive treatment with the best patient outcomes.”

What is unique about your style and technique?

“I think interventional pain management is one of the most exciting and revolutionary fields in all of medicine. What’s most exciting to me is educating patients about their condition and providing non-medication, non-surgical, minimally invasive solutions to get them out of pain. My style and technique of practicing includes learning as much as I can about a patient before they see me in my office so I’m prepared to establish the comprehensive and individualized solution to treat their pain.”