Good Vibes Cookie Company Creates Treats That Look Like Sparkly Gemstones

Confection connection.

At first glance, they look simply like sparkly geodes, real crystals in a rainbow of beautiful jewel tones. But Jodi Mannis’ creations are edible cookies that emanated from her love of crystals.

“Crystals have always been important to me; they’ve always been a spiritual point in my life. When I was young I used to grow them with my grandfather. Several years ago, our family was at a low point after a tumultuous divorce. For Valentine’s Day, I was looking for a way to lift our spirits. I decided to take my favorite things–baking, painting and crystals—and put them all into one cookie. It was just for my children.”

Without giving it much thought, Jodi put a few shots of the cookie on Instagram and “my friends and family all went crazy. They were saying ‘I want to buy one of those!’” So on the side, while working as a branding and packaging designer for Guess Jeans, she started developing her idea as business: Good Vibes Cookie Company.

Jodi made her first sales on Mother’s Day 2018, selling six boxes. As luck would have it, one of them ended up in the makeup room of Dancing With the Stars, and orders started coming in. Then a few months later, actress Jessica Alba sent Jodi a DM, asking if Good Vibes would do the cookies for The Honest Company’s relaunch event. The business took off from there. Jodi has made cookies for Levi’s and Bloomingdale’s and the Pepsi suite at the Super Bowl.

Jodi credits part of her success to the wellness-boosting properties of crystals.

“Crystals radiate energy, and our cookies are crystal-infused. I put a clear quartz in the painting (food coloring) solution at the very end. The clear quartz radiates the energy into the paint. I do clear quartz because it amplifies the energy and thus amplifies whatever feelings you are having,” Jodi says.

The cookies are as delicious as they are beautiful. The shortbread-based treats come in several flavors: plain shortbread, chocolate chip shortbread and Mexican-style hot chocolate (or “haute chocolate”). She also makes a vegan, gluten-free (“churro shortbread”) version. During the holidays, Jodi often mixes things up, creating grapefruit, rosemary, orange matcha and chocolate flavors. Cookies come in all sizes, including one heart-shaped cookie that weighs a pound and a half.



Despite sometimes “making a thousand cookies a week,” Jodi still works as a one-woman band; her marketing is all word of mouth and via Instagram.

“For me, it’s all about the connection. I feel like my cookies connect and promote good feelings. What is sweeter than that?”

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