Laurence School

Laurence School is a small K–6 gem tucked into an unassuming corner of the San Fernando Valley.

13639 Victory Blvd., Valley Glen | 818-782-4001  |

Laurence School is a small K–6 gem tucked into an unassuming corner of the San Fernando Valley. But inside the gate you’ll find a stunning campus and a faculty dedicated to educating “The Total Child”—a multidisciplinary approach that develops the unique abilities and potential of each student. Founded by Marvin and Lynn Jacobson, Laurence began as a one-room schoolhouse with 12 students in 1953. Today, this four-acre secret garden offers top-notch academics and a variety of enrichment activities to more than 300 students. Applications for the 2013-2014 school will come out in June.

What would you like kids and parents to know about your school?

“We have spent the past six decades balancing progress with tradition, refining a world-class elementary education with a personalized approach that encourages intellectual, creative, ethical, social, emotional and physical growth.”

How does your school encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle?

“Laurence teaches its students to develop healthy minds and healthy bodies. We believe that health education is a lot like our edible garden—once the seeds are planted, students will continue to reap the rewards of fun daily exercise, sustainable living and healthy, organic eating.”

"At Laurence, all our resources, energy,
amazing teachers and coaches, research and
ideas are 100% dedicated to maximizing the impact
of the K–6 experience.”

What do kids love most about your school?

“Laurence is on the cutting edge of academic innovation, always adapting our tools and programs to fit the needs and desires of our tech-hungry minds. Our state-of-the-art science center, wired campus and creative programming make learning fun and effective, while preparing our students for the changing rigors of the modern world.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“Each summer, many of our former graduates come back to volunteer as CITs at our popular summer camp. It’s so much fun to watch these unique, confident and talented teenagers fall back in love with the school that helped make them who they are.”

What sets your school apart from the rest?

“Laurence offers a unique blend of world citizenship, character education, technological innovation and 21st-century academics to educate ‘The Total Child.’ We teach public speaking from kindergarten on, to build poise and confidence in our students. Laurence School is a close-knit community in which every child is appreciated, valued, and nurtured to reach his or her own full potential.”