Tara Moore, President/Owner

“I run a full-service company but love it when the clients are involved with design.”

15335 Morrison Street, #305 in Sherman Oaks   |  818-906-6982  |  TMooreDesigns.com

Always a bit more artistic than her family of contractors and engineers, Tara Moore has been drawing and designing since her early 20s. She found the study of architecture to be fascinating—“I knew it would engage both sides of my brain and always be interesting”—so she earned an architecture degree at Berkeley. Tara has spent 20+ years drawing and designing homes, landscapes, commercial spaces and green buildings and is the owner of Tara Moore & Associates, Inc. Design and Development, which specializes in design and project development.

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“I believe clients should be welcomed into the design process for their projects. Whether it’s a house for a private client, a developer site or a commercial space, clients who let me know more of their goals seem to make the best projects.”

Tell us about your clients. 

“I have a great mix of clientele and enjoy the variety. As my portfolio suggests, I work on various projects with high-end developers, including estates, hotels and apartment buildings. I also work on homes and remodels for private clients and some select government work.”

How do you stay on top of the latest trends and advances in your field? 

“The latest trend is the push for greener buildings—more energy-efficient, healthier for occupants and built with less waste. Shows and classes are the most efficient way to stay connected to the latest in codes and materials. Beyond that, I love to look at architecture and tour cities when I can.”

How do you beautify and maintain your own home and garden? 

“I live completely off the grid, so maintaining my home means keeping the photovoltaic panels clean, the batteries watered and the generator oil changed. Because I live in a very rural part of the Santa Monica Mountains, I use native landscaping, as it requires no water. I used to have very sophisticated landscapes around my homes, but now I am in a space with children and a career where simple is better.”

How do you give back to your community? 

“I donate my time and talent to the Salvation Army Camp in the Malibu Creek area, which serves 2,000 local children every summer. I sit on the Advisory Council and help with planning and maintenance of the two camps they run.”