Valley Motor Center autobody

“Skilled technicians in our industry have been in extremely short supply for many years, but we have a waiting list of those who want to work here, because they’ve heard how they will be treated.”

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Valley Motor Center has provided expert collision repair since 1944, earning a very high level of customer trust for more than 68 years. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to fully repair hundreds of vehicles every month, back to their completely safe, pre-accident condition. Valley Motor Center is an “I-CAR Gold Class Business,” meaning our technicians have achieved the very highest level of training, expertise and certification in the collision repair industry. 

Is Valley Motor Center a family-owned business?

“Valley Motor Center has long been considered the San Fernando Valley’s `Employer of Choice’ because of the way we respect, value, appreciate and care for our employees. We consider every one of our nearly 60 employees as family, so they stay with us (as long as 32 years). Not only are we truly a family-owned business, but we employ many siblings, cousins, parents and children of our employees. That happens because the way we treat our employees moves them to tell others in their family about us.”

How does sharing common values with your family give your business a competitive edge?

“The values of Valley Motor Center are our guiding principles. They determine the only manner in which our business is conducted. These values are not changeable, but all other policies and  procedures, are breakable in the interest of completely satisfying our customers.”

In what ways do you provide top-notch customer service?

“Our intense focus on customer care drives us to deliver what we believe our customers need and deserve. Consequently, over the last running 12 months, 98+% of our thousands of loyal customers have firmly committed to refer Valley Motor Center to their family and friends.  Nationally, that ranks among the highest in our industry. Actually, it’s off the charts!”

How do you give back to your community?

“Valley Motor Center is committed to community service, intent on giving back to the people of the San Fernando Valley who have supported our entirely family-owned business for so many years. Just one example is our program of giving a vehicle away every year to a worthy organization to serve their needs, including ONEgeneration, the Disabled American Veterans and New Horizons (which works with developmentally disabled adults). Valley Motor Center is privileged to have employed two of New Horizons’ clients for 14 years. This December we will donate two vehicles to two separate organizations that support disabled veterans of our military services who can’t get out, by taking them to therapy, rehabilitation, doctor’s appointments, etc.”