Jay McMullen

Southwest Greens

P.O. Box 7434 in Mission Hills | 888-577-9444 | mcmullen139@hotmail.com | southwestgreens.com


Southwest Greens is an international company that manufactures and installs synthetic turf and putting greens. They offer a variety of turf options to fit clients’ landscaping and putting green design ideas.  


Describe the project you featured.

“This project is a six-hole putting green with fringe, installed in a Los Angeles backyard overlooking the hills and city below.”  


What makes your firm unique in this industry?

“Southwest Greens is truly special. We offer several of the highest quality turf grass materials that are made in American at our parent company, Shaw Flooring. These products are eco-friendly, recyclable, lead-safe and have a 10-year warranty. Our variety of products and services sets us apart as well. We can install game courts (basketball, volleyball, tennis) including our new ‘classic clay’ tennis courts. Classic clay is an amazing product that is applied on concrete with a turf base. We have a Southwest Greens exclusive turf cooling system called Hydrochill. In addition, we offer the Brock PlayBase pad for playground installations, which meets the federal fall safety requirements.”


What is the most valuable service you offer to clients?

“Our clients’ synthetic turf and putting greens look beautiful year-round and are a perfect addition to any landscape. Our products provide a way to save money, maintenance labor and time, water and stress. The most valuable service provided by Southwest Greens is to deliver a gorgeous turf grass that requires no water and almost no upkeep.”


What is it about this industry that captivates you?

“This particular product, especially today, fills the need to have a low- to no-maintenance, playable turf that looks beautiful year-round.”


How long have you worked in this industry? 

“I’ve been a part of the Southwest Greens international family for 9 years.”